HIV/AIDS, Health Disparities, and Communities of Color: Challenges and Opportunities

So in terms of the Wheaton side of independent study project, I’m almost done. I’ve spent countless hours reviewing the literature, working with(in) organizations, and engaging with the folks I’m trying to bring a new voice to. What I’ve gotten out of this project so far is this, HIV/AIDS is still here and it’s something we’re going to have to deal with. Undeniably, Community Based Organizations (CBO) are doing all they can to research HIV/AIDS and create effective and innovative interventions. I have had the amazing opportunity to work with a CBO that is committed to taking research and intervention to another level by integrating more performative methods such as Theatre of the Oppressed. We’re well into the recruitment stage and I honestly can’t wait to start leading these workshops so that these HIV+ men can share their experiences with each other in a space that feels comfortable for them and then to invite members of the community (both consumers and providers) to engage the performance and then hopefully build some sort of coalition between the two groups.

Presentation @ the Academic Festival (April 24th) – Details as I get them.

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