Count it Up: (2/7)

I’ve been recently trying to think about creative ways to keep me (and you) interested in reading my blog. I could only think about the major things that were important to me and how I could write a post about each of them. Incredibly overwhelming thought!  This is precisely the reason why I’ve found it hard to maintain my blog, I couldn’t possibly write entries about every single thing that was important to me as it happened. Or could I? I came up with an idea, if I could assign point values to all the things that have happened in a given week and write a short summary about my thoughts on the issue complete with links to larger stories, I would be able to satisfy all interested parties. What follows is this idea coming to fruition: COUNT IT UP.

– Britney Spears ends the week as the #1 Trending Topic on Twitter [with the protests in Egypt, House attacks on AmeriCorps, and the 100 people becoming ill at a Playboy party, Twitter users have chosen to shower attention upon Britney Spears because she announced an upcoming album. Did she release it? No. Did she leak a track? No. She just said that she’ll release an album soon. I guess we know what people get excited about these days.] (count: -5)

+ Redesigned my Blog [I’ve been fighting the blogging battle for a long time. I go through these spurts where writing in my blog is all I can think about until life catches up with me and the blog falls off to the wayside. I’m a good writer, actually, I’m a pretty good writer and there are really cool things happening in my head that I don’t ever get to share with people outside my immediate social circle. It’s about time that I break this cycle once and for all by committing to writing at least one post per week for the rest of the year.] (count: +10)

+/- Figured out a mysterious allergy [For the past two years I’ve been breaking out in hives. It was a relatively private experience for me because I could never explain where they were coming from just that they were…well there. I tried going to doctors and they could never really give a straight answer. Their suggestions always required me to keep meticulous records about what I was putting into my body and looking for trends but for those of you who know me, I’d never be able to do this. I eat so sporadically that tracking it didn’t make a whole lot of sense in my brain. In the past couple weeks however my hives started to appear less and less until Friday. Thirsty as usual I walked into the kitchen, opened the refrigerator, and reached for some amazing orange juice (drinking more than a quarter of the bottle in this gulp). 30 minutes later I was itching everywhere, the hives were back and it was crystal clear what the culprit was. I’ve spent the last couple of days researching this allergy and it makes sense, it’s not something that would be easily pinpointed due to the high number of foods with the particular acid I’m allergic to. I give this one a plus/minus because although it’s awesome that I figured out my allergy I’m going to really miss orange juice (and kiwi for that matter).] (count: Even)

+ E-Cigarette Cartridges arrived in the mail [I think I’ve tried to quit smoking as many times as I’ve promised to maintain my blog. Neither usually works out. I’ve tried almost every approach for the former, patch, gum, and pills, all to varying degrees of success. Over the winter break while walking through the mall, I stumbled on a retail cart plying electronic cigarettes. I love new toys and gadgets and I think this falls squarely within that realm. I’m not saying that I’m quitting smoking (yes I am) but my little toy is just so satisfying. There isn’t any research that says it’s better for me than the alternative (it could be worse?) but for now it’s helping me save money and (hopefully) my lungs.] (count: +15)

– Didn’t get my project funded [I have to try really hard not to launch into a rant on this one so I’ll try to stick to the basics. My job recently opened up some funding opportunities for innovative ideas and projects. The process is simple, think of an idea, write a proposal, answer some really easy questions about why your idea is awesome, and voila, project funded. I wrote a proposal so I could purchase literacy curriculum that would help provide independent essential skills practice for 120 students in the After-School Program. I must have not written it well enough, or explained the need and the benefits of this program, or something else but it wasn’t awarded the requested funds. It doesn’t leave the best taste in my mouth but I know that there are other funding options that exist. Maybe you would be willing to donate a small amount to the cause. It only costs $150 total.] (count: -40)

– House of Representatives want to cut AmeriCorps, NPR, PBS, and other important government funded programs [This one is hard to write without being biased but I’ll try. What the heck?! Do House Republicans really think that the answer to the Federal Deficit is to cut programs that provide services at far below market-value price? (p.s. I’ve already failed at being unbiased) I can’t even begin to comprehend how someone could think that by slashing programs that fund education, environmental protection, media literacy, news coverage, etc. we would be doing something positive for our country. I’ve already signed an online petition and sent a letter to my congressman on the issue and even though I doubt this bill will make it to the Senate floor I can’t help but feel a deep sense of shame. The country is in massive debt – “Oh I know, let’s cut programs for people who already don’t have anything!” – that’ll get you some money. What makes me angrier is that this legislation comes a few weeks after the proposal to change the definition of rape. Are Republican legislators just sitting around asking themselves “How can I piss off more people?” because that’s really what it looks like to me.] (count: – 40)

+ Spent quality time with my parter [My partner and I lead very hectic lives. Between work, hobbies, and friends, it’s sometimes hard to find time where just the two of us can be together without distraction. We carved an evening out this week to go to dinner at one of our favorite restaurants and just be with each other. These are the times I live for, getting to share our existences together. It doesn’t happen enough.] (count: +35)

+ Mubarak steps down [It’s been a scary couple of weeks in Egypt. I can never fully appreciate the gravity of the revolution because I wasn’t there but from all the reports I’ve read, I was scared for them. It seemed like this event as a ‘perfect storm’ of sorts, dictator rules for 30 years, people get tired, revolt. Ok, maybe we should’ve seen it coming. What was surprising to me was that Mubarak didn’t immediately step down. Dude, your country is falling down around you, the majority clearly hates you, people are dying, and all you could do for two weeks is just think about ways you could maintain your power? Let it go man, just let it go. Now that he’s stepped down the country enters a crucial time, essentially martial law – military rule, suspended constitution, etc. Egypt is not out of the woods yet but if the revolution is any indication of its future, Egyptians are strong, fierce, and resilient. Egypt will prevail.] (count: +40)

Count for the week: +15

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  1. Deborah says:

    I like it! My blog is woefully neglected as well and I hope that your new idea will help you keep it updated!

    If you were to count up joining Twitter vs maintaining a blog, would the count be positive, negative, or even? 🙂

  2. Debs,

    Thanks for the feedback! I’ve been searching for ways to help keep me tied to posting at least once a week so that I’m not losing the things I care about.

    In terms of Twitter v. Blogging…I think that it’s so interesting that I might have to write a post about it because I really feel similarly about both – people don’t interact with my content enough. I have approximately 10 people who I know will read (and hopefully comment) on my posts and it’s the same story on twitter. I think the bean count might say even but I might start writing a Tech Tuesday series with this as its first installment.


    (p.s. you should update yours :-P)

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