That’s What’s Up Thursday: We’ve Waited Long Enough

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Every Thursday I’ll write an entry praising something that/someone who makes me happy and generally makes the world a better place. Today I write about our (not yet but hopefully soon) fixed hot water.

Where did our hot water go? Since Sunday we haven’t had the pleasure of any hot (or even warm) water flowing through the pipes at the apartment complex where I live. When I was first alerted to this fact (by BakerSITM) I just dismissed it as a temporary thing. I mean, I really didn’t have to worry too much since I’d already showered that day.

Sunday turned into Monday.

We get home to a note on our doors saying “blah blah blah…we know your hot water isn’t working…blah blah blah please be patient…blah blah blah.” I still wasn’t too disturbed. One day without a shower didn’t kill anyone, well except my special friend, and she didn’t die. She had Roller Derby practice and required a shower as soon as possible. Her only option? Cold water. I listened to her yells and hoped that the water would be soon fixed.

Monday turned into Tuesday.

After a long & challenging day at work I found myself rushing home with thoughts of a nice, long, warm, soothing shower clouding my mind. Turn on the hot water *sputter sputter sputter…scoff* The water faucet scoffed at me almost as if it was saying “You ‘spectin some hot water from me? Not today!” Now I’m agitated. Not only am I frustrated from a long day but now the faucet is giving me the attitude of a middle schooler. Cold water wipe down had to replace warm shower. Sigh.

Tuesday turned into Wednesday.

Yes! Today will be the day. After one of the toughest days of work I’ve ever had I needed to shower. Not only was I tired and sore but I was incredibly yucky. No wipe down would suffice this night. I needed the love of some hot water all over my body to wash the problems of the day away. No such luck. The water heater still wasn’t fixed and I would have to go another night without a shower…or would I? I waited until right before bed (I knew I would be able to run directly under the covers) and started filling up a pitcher with cold water. I was going to brave it and boy did I have to brave it. The first splash of water wasn’t so bad since it most got soaked up by my hair but the second, and the third, and the fourth, and the…well I lost count…they were miserable. (At this point you’re probably thinking “Romel, this post does not belong in That’s What’s Up Thursday, this is definitely a What’s Up With That Wednesday story…wait for it…)

Wednesday turned into Thursday.

It’s been four (cuatro, quatre, apat, 4, IV) days since we’ve had heated water flowing through our pipes and today I want to say a (however premature) “That’s What’s Up” to the plumbers who are now (I hope) working to get us working water by tonight (please). I know these folks are putting (sweat and tears) their all into it and they must have run into some really big problem ( a wall) for it to have taken so long (4 days!). At this point I’m just glad that there’ll be hot water once I get home tonight (fingers crossed). I’m guaranteed to have a nice (ooh), relaxing (ahh) date with hot (I’ll settle for lukewarm) water tonight…or at least I better.

Hopefully Thursday doesn’t turn into a Friday without hot water. [Updates to come tonight!]

This post definitely earns a spot in tomorrow’s Five Things Friday.

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