Five Things Friday

Chuck Reed
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Every Friday I’ll write about five things that are going on in my life. These things aren’t assigned positive or negative point values (like my Count It Up posts) but rather they’re important things that have happened this week.

1. My Family Members Are Signing Up for Facebook Accounts

This isn’t altogether a ‘bad’ thing since I haven’t kept in consistent contact with them for 8 years (save for monthly phone conversations with my mom and dad) and I really think that this is the next step in family connectedness. I’m looking forward to the treasures in this occurrence.
2. My Blog
I’ve been on and off the blogging wagon for about 5 years now. I never could keep myself invested in its success. Today marks (almost) a full week of posts each about things that I find humorous, interesting, or angering. From the hits I’ve gotten I think that people are genuinely interested in not only what I have to say but also how I say it. The even more exciting part is that people are participating; leaving comments directly on my blog and on Facebook, sending me messages, and emails expressing their appreciation for my blogs. Here’s to staying on the wagon.
3. The Long Weekend
I couldn’t be more thankful for the upcoming long weekend. It’s the perfect reward for persevering through an extremely challenging week. I don’t have a lot of events planned for the weekend which is really what I think I appreciate most about it. It’ll be a chance for me to relax, hit the reset button, and head into the next week inspired to lead with love.
4. Hot Water
I still don’t have hot water. As yesterday’s post will tell you, we haven’t had water now for 5 days but I’ve found ways to make it not so bad. A few friends have left comments on Facebook reminding me that I have, in fact, dealt with the issue of inaccessible hot water before and I made it through just fine. It doesn’t make the situation any less uncomfortable but at the very least it reminds me that I’ve been here before.
5. State of the City Address
Last night I attended the annual San José State of the City Address presented by Mayor Chuck Reed. The speech was filled with inspirational stories, candid discussion of San José’s current challenges, and a call to action. Mayor Reed is an extremely gifted orator, eliciting the leadership of iconic political leaders before him and I have no doubt that he will lead this city to the success he envisions. If your city has a ‘State of the City’ I urge you to attend.

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