Five Things Friday

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1.  Krista

This girl is my soul and my Rock of Gibraltar. The last year and a half (almost) with her has been the most amazing experience I’ve had because she continues to love, teach, support, mentor, and lead me. She anticipates my needs and provides whatever she can, whenever she can to help me be successful and lead an enjoyable life. I’ve also had the opportunity to watch her flourish as a creative being. When I met her she was a fount of creative energy and always wanting to learn more. This hasn’t changed. This past week she created an amazing time-lapse video on her own to showcase her newfound penchant for painting to show off to 70 (almost) strangers.

2. Multimedia Opportunities

I often have thoughts flowing through my mind of cool visual and audio projects but rarely do they come to fruition. Enter Megan Baker who has helped me release this creative energy  in a powerful way. This week alone I’ve created a video showcasing the service of our employees and helped to produce an opening sequence to a ‘community meeting’ which is an opportunity for our work teams to exhibit the work that they do to inspire our organizations employees.

3. Talent Show

This year I’ve had the distinct opportunity of leading the Talent & Awards Show portion of our Advanced Training Academy. What an experience! I had the pleasure of leading 4 employees through the design and implementation of one of the most important events we will experience throughout this week. The show happened last night and I’ll be the first to say that it wasn’t completely smooth. My small but mighty team banded together to create a fun and inspiring atmosphere for all in attendance.

4. Talking to my Mom on Skype

Wow. Before this past weekend I hadn’t seen my mother in live motion for almost 9 years! She’s all the way in Trinidad but thanks to Skype technology and her recent acquisition of a computer we were able to see each other and have awesome conversations about life. She also got to ‘meet’ Krista for the first time (she approves). To all of my friends who have a hard time keeping in touch with family – consider using this technology to bridge those gaps, to act as the conversations between phone calls. It’ll do wonders for you.

5. Union Busting

In a post earlier this week I talked about the Union Busting legislation in the Wisconsin House of Representatives and Senate and my thoughts about it. I’m not currently or have ever been a part of a Labor Union so although I don’t know exactly how the folks that are directly impacted are feeling I know that this issue speaks to me on a human level. I believe that radical changes in the way we talk about workers benefits but this isn’t how we do it. Removing the right to organize, bargain under a collective umbrella, or unite for a common cause is tyrannical and just plain mean. Get involved.

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