Five Things Friday

iPhone 4 showing the home screen.
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Work has again gotten the best of me. With 30-ish days left in this tour of service things have picked up at an alarming speed. With that said, I wanted to get back into the blogging routine with a Five Things Friday post; 5 things that are going on for me this week.

1. iPhone

I did it. I made the plunge and switched from my crackberry to a slick, stylish, fabulous iPhone. I’ve been contemplating the switch for quite some time now and with the phone being opened up to Verizon subscribers it made it even more attractive. Many of my friends (especially Baker) have decided to hold out until the rumored 5th version is released sometime late summer. I just couldn’t (and I’m OK with that.)

2. Keeping/Staying in Touch

For as long as I’ve known myself (arguably 24 years) I’ve been horrendous at keeping in touch with people; friends, family, past co-workers, etc. In the past few weeks however I’ve made more of an effort to stay (or get back) in touch with those people who mean a lot to me. This attempt may not look like the traditional phone call or text message and while I do engage some of my people that way, I’ve been playing social games that I know my friends and family play. In this age of Web (3?).0 phone messages seem passé at times and innovation is required. You may call me a loser but that just tells me that you’re spelling trailblazer wrong.

3. City Year

In previous Five Things Friday posts I’ve written about my fast-approaching graduation from City Year. This ‘end’ is becoming realer by the day. I’ve started looking into some options for Life After City Year (LACY) but I’m much more interested in keeping my post City Year within the organization. There has been some movement within my site which may allow me to stay and this is extremely exciting. I’ve submitted my materials and, over the past 2 years, made the case why I would be an asset to this powerful organization. I’ll keep you all apprised of what my LACY becomes.

4. Friends

Some of my closest friends will be leaving the Bay Area shortly. This saddens me tremendously. I’m not sad that they’re starting amazing trajectories that will lead them to fantastic careers but with my aforementioned inability to keep in touch I can’t help but be scared. Scared that the people I’ve spent 3400+ hours of my life with will soon be further than a walk down the hall.

5. HIV/Public Health

I’ve been a fierce advocate for HIV Prevention, Safer-Sex education, and Sex Positivity for the past 8 years. While my past two years of work hasn’t been directly involved in this work that doesn’t mean that I’ve fallen out of the loop. Yesterday, Sanjay Gupta over at CNN posted this article regarding a recent treatment being tested being halted. Typically these pilot treatments are stopped due to funding cuts, failure, or a large number of negative factors but this one was different. It stopped because it worked so well. In a nutshell, scientists were playing with the idea that if an HIV-infected partner took the right set of Anti-Retroviral drugs soon enough after infection it might sharply decrease the risk of infection in an uninfected partner. Out of almost 2000 couples there was a marked 96% decrease in infections for serodiscordant couples (one partner infected, the other n0t). This research is groundbreaking because, contrary to popular belief, serodiscordant couples do exist and any amount of prevention done in these types of relationships is necessary. I’m excited to see where this goes.

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