2011 Year In Review: January

With just about 12 days left before the new year I’ve decided to follow Megan by completing my own year in review. Over the next 12 days I’ll post highlights from this past year – and boy was there a lot! Let’s get started…

I kicked off my New Year with a bang (and not a good one.) I went to a party in Bowling Green, OH and had a little bit too much fun. The next day was NOT fun and I swore that I’d never have alcohol again…that resolution lasted about 2 weeks. Oops.

New Year's Resolution
Yeah…this didn't happen

I think my favorite part of January was MLK Day with City Year. That event was my first big dive into multimedia editing and I realized I was pretty good at it. This was my first real video I made along with Megan Baker.

That was pretty much it for January. Look out for February tomorrow!

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