Women’s History Month 2012: Sarah Haskins

I don’t watch television often. Quite frankly, I don’t have the time. When I do watch TV I’m usually catching the online version of the latest show, and they’re usually without commercials. When I started dating Krista she was really into watching programs on CurrentTV. Created by Al Gore back in 2005, I had never seen anything like the programs they showed, from amazing in-depth journalism on Vanguard to the progressive political commentary of The Young Turks, the network offered a lot for people who were always on the go and needed a quick dose of current events (get it? CurrentTV?)

My favorite show to watch was Infomania. It was a hilariously satirical news show à la Jon Stewart‘s Daily Show. Peppered throughout the show were little 3-5 minute segments focusing on different parts of internet & media culture. There was Bryan Safi with “That’s Gay” to talk about the portrayal of LGBT folks in the media, Brett Erlich showcasing the most popular internet videos with “Viral Video Film School,” and many others. Of these, I loved “Target: Women” hosted by Sarah Haskins the most.

I knew nothing about Haskins before I saw her on Target: Women but I knew that I needed to watch everything she’d ever done because they were so funny! She takes a critical look at commercial advertisements and their commentary on women. Her feminist approach to popular culture and media messages really helped enhance my view of the world around me. I’ve heard some folks say that she’s a bit over-the-top and that she’s a “femi-nazi” but really, she’s neither. She holds a mirror up to society and basically says “is this really what we want to be saying about women?”

Thank you Sarah for questioning the marketing tactics and media messaging that we consume every day.

Here are a few of my favorite segments from Target: Women.

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