Whenever I think about the word ‘surrender’ it’s always in the context of war or some sort of conflict. I’m not entirely sure what helped shape this word for me but recently I’ve been grappling with the idea of surrendering to the things that make and sustain my beautiful existence. The grammar dork inside me, the person attached to this idea of surrender as directly correlated to war and conflict keeps raising the question “are you using this word correctly?” I’ve realized that in surrendering to my radiance, my integrity, my grace, I’m winning a major internal war. The war of comparison, social pressure, being ‘better than.’

As I continue my journey I commit to surrendering to everything that nourishes and everything that creates. Everything that makes me whole.

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  1. kaycers says:

    “One day a man came to Ramakrishna. He wanted to donate one thousand gold coins to Ramakrishna. Ramakrishna said, “I don’t need them, but when you have taken such a big burden from your house to Dakshineshwar, to my hut, it will not be good to carry it back again. Mm? – It will be unnecessary. So just go to the Ganges and throw it in.”

    The man, of course, was in a very deep difficulty, great difficulty. What to do? He hesitated, so Ramakrishna said, “You have donated them to me, now they do not belong to you. I order you! Go to the Ganges and throw them!” So he had to.

    He went to the Ganges but did not return. One hour passed. Ramakrishna asked someone, “Where has that man gone? Go and find out!” So some disciples went and he was brought back. Ramakrishna asked, “Such a long time? What were you doing?”

    So the persons who had gone to find him said, “He was counting them and throwing one piece at a time – one, two, three – one thousand pieces. He would look at a gold coin, count it and then he would throw it.” So Ramakrishna said, “What nonsense! When one is to throw, there is no need to count. When one accumulates, there is a need to count; you have to know how many coins you have. But when you have gone to throw them, why waste time in counting? You can just throw!”
    Surrendering is throwing the ego. There is no counting and there are no methods. You just throw it. It itself is the technique. On the path of surrender, surrender is the path and surrender is the technique. On the path of will, will is the path and there are many techniques to work it out.”
    – Osho

  2. kaycers says:

    “Think of it in this way: when someone is ill, he has two things – an inner, positive possibility of health and an accidental or incidental phenomenon of disease, illness. Naturopathy is not concerned with illness directly. Naturopathy is directly concerned with a positive growth of health. So grow in health! Naturopathy means growing in health positively. When you grow in health, the disease will disappear by itself. You need not be concerned with disease directly.

    Allopathy is not concerned with positive health at all. It is concerned with the illness: destroy the illness and you will be healthy automatically.

    The path of will is concerned with growing in positive awareness. If you grow, the ego will disappear – that is the disease. The path of surrender is concerned with the disease itself, not with positive growth in health. Destroy the disease – surrender the ego – and you will grow in health.

    The path of surrender is allopathic and the path of will is naturopathic. But don’t mix both; otherwise you will be more ill. Then your effort to be healthy will create more problems for you. And everyone is just confused. One goes on thinking that if you use many, many “pathies”, of course, mathematically, you should gain health sooner. Mathematically, logically, it may seem so, but it is not so really. You may even become an impossible case.” – Osho

  3. kaycers says:

    Both of my comments came from this article: I copied and pasted the parts that struck me in regards to your post, but I highly recommend reading the entire article when you have time. Namaste dear brother. Love yoru blog!

    1. romelantoine says:

      Thank you so much for sharing. Both excerpts were remarkable and definitely makes me want to read the full piece. I’m excited 🙂 Namaste!

      1. kaycers says:

        You’re so welcome! I am always glad to pass on Osho’s wisdom. There is a great website dedicated to his teachings that is free and contains a full library of his work. Here’s the link if you’re interested:

        Have a beautiful weekend! ❤

  4. curtishagen says:

    Surrendering, means loving in the deepest sense of the word, I’ve found.

    1. romelantoine says:

      So true. Loving relentlessly, without apology, and with sweet abandon. Thanks for the comment!

  5. dannignt says:

    The act of surrendering does have negative war-like connotations attached to it but only because we have created that meaning ourselves. However, like with anything in life, you can flip it on its negative head to see the positive connotation, as it’s all about context. Obviously some words are plainly negative ones (like hate, dislike etc) but as positivities, we try not to use those, right? But we can mould the ambiguous words to suit the positive outcome we are seeking.
    Sending you lots of sunny vibes to help you on the journey you’re on.

    1. romelantoine says:

      Danni, such beautiful thoughts. You’re right, it’s simply about perspective – no matter how I might interact with a word or a situation, there’s an alternate way to experience it. THAT is a choice. You’re great!

      1. dannignt says:

        Thanks 🙂 Everything in life is about perspective. We can choose to see the good or bad in everything, including words. Very important that we choose to the positive in words because ultimately some translate into action.

  6. hookstanya says:

    Reblogged this on AT THE END OF THE DAY and commented:
    when I read this it is a message for my brother that is struggling with drugs.

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