say it right.

say it right

You’ve probably already seen this video but if you haven’t, watch.

Now that we’re working with the same information – I have a serious problem with how much of a spectacle folks have made of this guy. And it’s for a really simple reason – he mispronounced a word.

Yes, yes, I know that he got other (seemingly, painfully) easy answers wrong too but I really want to focus on his pronunciation of “Achilles.” Julian pronounced it Atchilles (correct pronunciation is Ackilles) and lost out on a lot of money. All of a sudden everyone and their mother were laughing at him because he pronounced the name of a Greek god incorrectly.

Why were people so shocked? Because he’s a college educated man? Because he was schooled in America? Because he’s supposed to know who Achilles is? If his mispronunciation of a word makes him a ‘donkey’ or ‘dumb’ or ‘stupid’ or an ‘idiot’ or…you name it, then I have some words for those of you who pronounce the French pastry crêpe as craype (cringe.) Are you an idiot? Are you a donkey? Are you dumb? Are you stupid? Didn’t you go to college? Is the difference that he did it on national TV?

Look, to be clear, I found it funny – in fact, I found it hilarious but in that way where I keep it to myself because I know that I have a lot of words to learn still and you know what, so do you. You don’t pronounce every word correctly or say every phrase exactly in the way you’re ‘supposed’ to AND THAT’S OKAY.

I pride myself on my ability to pronounce words and say phrases pretty well. I’m big on grammar and syntax. My way with words isn’t so much of a gift than it is a lot of friggin’ work and for that I’m incredibly proud but it doesn’t for one second make me better than anyone. So as we continue to mock this guy’s series of unfortunate events pause and think for a second – do I know how to pronounce every word used in common English vernacular?

By the way, it’s pronounced crap.

I’ll get off my high horse now.


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