Who named you?

I can’t make this stuff up.

This post is for everyone who has ever asked me “what’s your name mean?” or “who named you?”

I was on a call with Southwest this morning and the delightful person on the other end asked me “who was the romantic that named you?” I was speechless for about 1.5 seconds and said oh yeah, I think my grandma gave my mom some names to think about but why do you ask?

She said “well, they named you Romel Mark Anthony. Do you know who Romel was?” I’ve gotten this question so many times that it’s gotten so glib and passé and this point…yeah, the Nazi general, conquered Africa (irony!,) Desert Fox, blah blah blah. She said “yes…that’s all true but the man was also extremely sexy and sensual…and well you know Mark Antony…”

This amazing woman proceeded to give me an almost complete rundown of Rommel’s documented lovers which led me to ask her – how do you know all of this? “Well, I’m a WWII history buff and I love when things like this happen.”

I don’t know how much intention there was to all of this naming business but this gives me new ownership of my name. Thank you D from Southwest.

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