30 by 30

  1. Cook more actual meals, real ingredients…no microwaves.
  2. Take friendships more seriously make time to see people, actually talk on the phone – screw texts, make time for people that matter, show people you care
  3. Go camping in a tent, make a fire, cook outside, learn how to survive outside
  4. Defy gravity jump out of something, or from something high…anything, just see what it’s like to be up high and not in a plane…unless I’m jumping [crap!]
  5. Experiment more stop living in the controlled box, step outside and see what it’s like, if I’m not scared growth becomes hard
  6. Get certified to teach something yoga, spin, etc.
  7. Stand up for my beliefs I matter too much to not fight for what I believe in
  8. Eat at least 5 things I’ve never eaten before
  9. Learn how to change a tire
  10. Buy a car that’s not on its last legs
  11. Take care of a living thing keep it alive
  12. Do a physical challenge run a 5k, compete in a tough mudder, it doesn’t matter
  13. Travel somewhere to see a friend don’t just tack it on to a work trip – show them that they’re a priority
  14. Fall in love again 
  15. Quit the job that no longer values you
  16. Pay for someone else’s drink/meal without them knowing it
  17. Go on a spontaneous road trip
  18. Go to a major festival coachella, bonaroo, lollapalooza, burning man, etc.
  19. Have the hard conversations every time.
  20. Date the wrong people figure out what matters
  21. Do something that’s actually terrifying 
  22. Go to a party where I don’t know anyone
  23. Spend all night talking to someone I just met
  24. Write someone a letter with paper and pen
  25. Write more in general
  26. Climb something high
  27. Set up a home stop running
  28. Declutter just let those things go. those people aren’t coming back, it’s okay, cry, be angry, feel it. then throw it away.
  29. Travel to a city alone without knowing anyone
  30. Disneyland